Roger Grimmett

About Roger Grimmett

I am originally from a small town in southern West Virginia. I am currently living in New Philadelphia, Ohio with my wife, Debbie and our little mutt named Maggie Mae. Together, Debbie and I have five children all of whom are out of the house and living on their own.

I am a graduate of Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Diploma in Web Design. I have maintained a 3.95 average and have worked hard to do the best that I could in every class and, to have my work completed either on time or before the deadline.

Besides God and my family, I love music. In my spare time, I love to play bass guitar and sit around with a bunch of guys and create music.

One of my pet peeves is being late. I can't stand being late for anything. If I am not 10 minutes early for something, I feel like I'm late. If I know that a project has to be completed on a certain date or that I have to be at a certain place at a certain time, unless there is an emergency, I am usually early with whatever needs to be done.

I love creating things, whether it's web sites, home projects or music. I love to sit down with the necessary materials and make something that has not previously existed. I love the feeling of a completed project or a song that is played perfect after hours of practice.

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